Pin backs and fasteners.

            Pin keepers - Pin locks.

Some pin badges cost quite a lot of money, Disney, Hard Rock Cafe and other outlets. Losing one can be very annoying. These pin locks can help to prevent losing your prized pin badge. Also some badges might not be worth a great deal but be of sentimental value. Once again these help you to prevent losing your badge. These are ideal when attaching a badge to a thick coat like a bikers leather or a mod parka.

Self locking pin backs. No tools needed. Just push on and they lock. Pull the centre knob to release.

Available in Silver or Gold colours. Pack of 10 for just £5.00. You only pay one postage price.

The above pin backs fasten with an Allen key. Just push the pin through your garment , slide on the round locking nut, Tighten with the allen key. Once again ideal for thicker clothing. These are sold in packs of 12 also for £5.00.